Possible Timberwolves offseason outlook

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Possible Timberwolves offseason outlook

I think if the T'Wolves make a couple of trades on draft day they could have a real possibility at making the playoffs next year.
~First they need to trade Mike Miller and the 18th pick to the bulls for Kirk Hinrich and thier 26th pick.
~Second they need to package their last first rounder and one of their second round picks with B. Cardinals expiring contract for Julian Wright and Hilton Armstrong.
~Third they need to with the 6th pick draft Demar Derozen.
~Fourth Draft Terrence Williams late First round
Doing these moves it will give them a very strong core

PG Kirk Hinrich
SG Randy Foye
SF Demar Derozen
PF Kevin Love
C Al Jefferson

J. Wright
Terrence Williams(Versitile wing off the bench -- Second 1st rounder)
C. Smith

What do you guys think??

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Foye Out

I think Foye either needs to dedicate himself now to being and undersized SG or a PG. Once he does that they should I think tdo anything they can to get Rubio. (if he will play there) and if they dont they should take Derozan and get Teague at the second pick then with the 28th pick get a SF. But I think they should package and get a good pick next year or get two good ones this year!

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I like all your moves but

I like all your moves but after drafting Derozan they should trade their second first rounder for next year draft so they can add some bigs they have enough guards and also swingman are easy to come by. They could also retain Carney on the cheap. Also if they make a trade for Julian Wright. They may not need Derozan with the first pick. Wright is better than Derozan and just as athletic. He is also pretty young. Also to get HInrich they may have to give up the 6 pick to do it. To many teams want Hinrich and Miller is not a need in Chicago but they would take him along with a top pick easy so they could grab Blair or may a trade for a starting 4.

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its a great team...but they

its a great team...but they need bigger and more athletic bigs up and al are basically the same size (6'10 250-260ish) and basically the same athlete (not very athletic) other than that if they were to move one (probably love) and be able to get a big athletic presence (tyson chandler, he is avalible, i mean they were gonna give him away for chris wilcox!!) i feel that being able to move jefferson to the 4 and with chandler that would make this team way more dangerous

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Randy Foye is a shooting

Randy Foye is a shooting guard and not a point guard. Minnesota finally figured this out last season. I don't think the idea of trading Mike Miller Flies with the Bulls. They already have luol deng and John Salmons. So why give up your 18 and Miller for Hinrich and 26?

I do not think they will go Harden/Derozan because of reasons I've stated above. If Jennings drops to 6 you take him and make him your cornerstone point guard. With the other two picks I think if you can snag up a mullens or blair with 16 you take it. At 28th I think a solid sf will drop or take one of the bubble 1st round point guards.

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I dont like the trades. I

I dont like the trades. I know that the t wolves need a big and a pg.

Both Love and Al are really 4s.
Telfair is a servicable bench player
Foye is a 2 and overrated
Corey Brewer has defensive stopper potential, but who knows how well he comes off injury.
Ryan Gomes is a servicable bench player
Craig Smith is a servicable bench player
Cardinal: At least you know what you are getting.
Rodney: Fun to watch, poor mans T-Hud
Madsen: around for meeting NBA Cares requirements
Ollie: Needs to go
Brown/Sheldon: terrible, need to go
Collins: Needs to go

I dont really love any players on the roster. My thought is that you do not give bad re-signing contracts. Madsen, Cardinal, Carney, Gomes, Smith and Brewer should all be given the chance to stick around at about the minimum. If not, let them go.

Top priority is trade into the top 3 for thabeet, rubio, or griffin. Get a franchise player.
Target Terrance williams, Patty Mills, Flynn or Lawson with later picks
Sign 2 shot blocking, rebounding bigs in the offseason. Almost like a Chris Anderson. Go after Chandler and maybe a joel phryzbella.


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Need for a Big

I think the wolves should keep their 6th pick and take Jennings and trade/package a deal to the Clips for Camby since the clips will need to unload on cash and is loaded with bigs after drafting Giffin.

The clips will still look good with the following line up.

Wolves will up grade into the following.

I prefer the following line up below because it makes the wolves more balance.
Gomes - Good all around role player. Poor mans Battier

Foye would be good 6th man like Ben Gordon.

What do you guys think?

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