Portsmouth Invitational Tournament(PIT) Day 3

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Portsmouth Invitational Tournament(PIT) Day 3

Top Performers:

Nick Minnerath: 14pts, 5boards, 25mins

Kevin Foster: 14pts, 8boards, 3ast, 33mins

Mike Rosario: 12pts(6-17), 5ast, 4boards, 1blk, 30mins

Abdul Gaddy: 9pts, 10ast, 4boards, 3stls, 35mins

James Ennis: 17pts, 8boards, 19mins

Derrick Nix: 11pts, 4boards, 3ast, 28mins

Kwame Vaghun: 11pts, 7boards, 5ast, 27mins

Brandon Davies: 23pts, 12boards, 3ast, 31mins

Keith Clanton: 15pts, 8boards, 4ast, 2blks, 31mins

Jamelle Haggins: 8pts, 10boards, 5blks, 2stls, 32mins

Chris Evans: 16pts, 6boards, 27mins

Tyler Brown: 24pts, 4boards, 4ast, 3stls, 27mins

O.D Anosike: 13pts, 10boards, 3ast, 1blk, 1stl, 32mins

Carl Hall: 15pts, 19boards, 2blks, 29mins

Dexter Strickland: 10pts, 6boards, 3ast, 26mins

Ramon Galloway: 6pts, 6boards, 7ast, 1blk, 29mins

Devin Booker: 10pts, 11boards, 4ast, 29mins

Kyle Barone: 10pts, 8boards, 4blks, 23mins

Jordan Hulls: 10pts, 5boards, 4ast, 1blk, 1stl, 24mins

Malik Story: 11pts, 7boards, 4ast, 26mins

Not so hot players:

Khalif Wyatt: 10pts(3-10), 1TO, 19mins

Larry Drew II: 1pts, 5ast, 3to's, 32mins

Tony Woods: 6pts, 0rebs, 0blks, 16mins

Chase Tapley: 2pts, 3ast, 18mins

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Carl Hall?

Is someone gonna take a flyer on him in the second round and can he be this year's Quincy Acy/Paul Milsap/DeJuan Blair? I know he's vastly undersized for a 4, but he just seems to grab every rebound in (and sometimes out) of his area. Rebounding has always been one of the few stats that actually translates from college to the league.

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I was thinking the same, but for Davies

Brandon has all the tools to be a good rebound and hustle player and has even shown a little ability to work on the perimeter.

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Tony Woods?

0 reb in 16 min? &$#%#&@! he sucks.

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Tony Woods never rebounded at

Tony Woods never rebounded at Wake or Oregon either

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yeah, but I dont know why he

yeah, but I dont know why he is so bad. he had potential as an offensive rebounder...I dont know what went wrong. as a frosh at Wake he avg 2.6 rpg in 11 min, as a soph 3.2 in 13 min. not stellar but when you look at the fact that he went on to avg 3.5rpg each year at Oregon while playing 18 min and 21 min, I just dont get what happened to this guy. He was a 5 star recruit once rated higher on this board than Aminu. he was never a scorer so obviously he was rated by his shotblocking and rebounding.

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