Portland's Big Play

Portland gets
PG Devin Harris
SF/PG Terrance Williams
SG Courtney Lee or SF Travis outlaw

Nets get
Rudy ferdandez
jerryd bayless
nicolas batum
andre miller

Portland 2010 Line-UP

PG Devin Harris/Terrance Williams/Patty Mills/Armon Johnson
SG Brandon Roy/Wesley Matthews/Terrance Williams/Courtney Lee/Elliot Williams/Armon Johnson
SF Terrance Williams/Wesley /Matthews/Luke Babbit
PF La Marcus Alderidge/Marcus Camby/Jeff Pendergraph
C Marcus Camby/Greg Oden/ Joel Pryzbilla

Portland Adds a all star caiber point guard to the team along with a personal favorite of mine from louisville Terrance Williams whose potential and more importantly his play down the strech of last yr where he made plays running the point and creating for teamates warrant trading away Nicolas and Rudy want out anyway So we exchange for a solid courtney lee to replace him.

Good deal in my opinion i need to talk to Cho now forget chris paul this is our most beneficial realistic deal

Nate McMilliam will be able to get Harris to control the tempo of the game with his speed while defferring to brandon roy. Harris can work off of Roy and vice versa as very viable scoring threats. Courtney Lee is a better defender than Rudy and so is Harris compared to Miller and Bayless in regards of anticipation and pushing the break. Terrance williams makes the trade with his potential and athleticism.

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now sit back and watch this

you must be a blazers fan, blaze!

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stop fantasizing lol

This trade wouldn't go down terrence williams has to much upside..

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I think the potential upside

I think the potential upside of Bayless and Batum combined with rudy fernandez compliments the net well to build around brook lopez and surround him with shooters in rudy fernandez and batum and batum is a lock down defender. But im not gonna lie i think T Will is the second coming of Vince Carter with point guard skills Throw in some cash considerations and elliot williams as well for T Will

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