Portland / OKC picks

How many picks will Portland and OKC make on draft-day??? Either team will keep all of there picks. Too much cash involved.

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Portland / OKC picks

Sorry I was watching Shaun of the Dead and typing.
How many of their picks will Portland and OKC keep? I see them trading a few of them away to save on cash.

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OKC will almost certainly have all 3 of it's picks. The front office probably isn't too keen on moving up in a draft that weak at the top but solid in the middle. If they keep all 3, their second 1st rounder will most likely be a draft-n-stash player over in Europe. So I see just two players from this draft making the opening night roster of the Tulsa 66ers....I mean Oklahoma City Thunder.

I see PDX trading a combo of picks and a player and getting down to three, probably when a talented piece starts to fall at the end of the 1st/beginning of the 2nd. They're aiming to get talent at the top and like OKC I don't think they feel they need to make a move to get higher up in the lottery.

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Portland should probably

Portland should probably target a center at #10 and go for BPA with their three 2nd round picks since they could use bench help.

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