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man, how about nick batum, so far hes averaging

18pts 6.5 reb 1 blk 2.5 stls 2.5 3's

i really never though he'd justify his new contract but he's just killing it. He and lilliard have made portland my new favorite league pass team.

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...and three assist... like i

...and three assist...

like i said before, poor man's lebron james

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He's playing with more

He's playing with more confidence and aggressiveness, but I don't like the fact he's settling for too many three-pointers. He shooting over seven damn three's per game... That needs to come down and he needs to start using his athleticism to get to the line more.

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thats funny you say that, ive

thats funny you say that, ive actually been watching the blazers a lot too...they play with a lot of energy, especially at home...i like how Matthews has developed his game and Ronnie Price is a nice veteran to spell Lillard...

ive always liked Batum, i think they had to over-pay him because if it wasnt them, somebody else would (twolves, san antonio or houston)...hes got a nice inside/out game and hes long as that hes shooting consistantly, who knows how good he can not a huge Batum fan but no doubt he can ball...

I think the keys to the Blazers are Aldridge and Lillard...if they can co-exist and form a nice duo, the sky is the limit. Pick and rolls, and pick and pops all day...

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If only their previous rookies planned out any. Smith,Elliot,Johnson or babbit the team would be alot better. If aldridge can limit his outside shooting and continue to take on the all star role. This team could be in the hunt very soon .

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