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Thought this would be a better place to discuss politics then the main board. Personally, while I know these things usually don't go well, I think discussing politics can be a positive thing. People should be somewhat informed about things. So here's my two cents.

I'm 31, and all my life I've leaned towards the democratic party and still do although I get closer and closer to the middle as I age being able to see both strengths and weaknesses in both sides. I can't stand the right's views on abortion, gay marriage and the general pushing of religion into the class rooms and society in general. On the other side, I do not think giving hand outs to the poor is what's gonna improve this country either.

In the end though, I think we give too much credit tO the presidents for everything that is going good or bad. The banks giving out too many loans and credit cards allowing everyone to build up huge debt all had a very big deal in why we r struggling so much

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I see what rudeboy saying.a &

I see what rudeboy saying.a & p said the reason usa got downgraded was becuz they felt the gop were playing with the economy.they were willing to put this nation at the brink of financial disaster just to make obama look bad.thats so millionaires & billionaires wouldnt have to pay taxes. Mikeyv was dead wrong saying dems tried to make george w bush a 1 term president.of course most dems wanted their guy in there.but they didnt try to sabotage the country to get one of their own in the white house .the things they are doin is dangerous and

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You Mean S & P..

You Mean S & P..

Not A & P..


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