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Need a PG who plays like a PG or a PF that can rebound. Warriors have too many wings: Jackson, Crawford, Maggette, Azibuike, Belinelli, and Morrow. Ellis is a shoot-first PG and Watson is his backup. Biedrins, Turiaf, Wright, Randolph, Kurz and Davidson are the front court. Trade Crawford, Azibuike, and 7th pick to Kings for Kenny Thomas, Ike Diagu, the 4th pick (Jordan Hill) and a 2nd round pick (Patty Mills); Davidson and Kurz would not be resigned.

5. Biedrins, Turiaf, Thomas,
4. Wright, Hill, Diagu,
3. Randolph, Maggette.
2. Jackson, Belinelli, Morrow
1. Ellis, Watson, Mills

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I rather see the Warriors

I rather see the Warriors trade Maggette. I think the Warriors can get better players for Crawford and Azu.

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Wing players

That works. However they do it, they need to get rid of some wing players and get some rebounders. Also, Crawford and Azu have shorter term contracts. If not traded, they could be lost to free agency and GSW get nothing for them. Maggette could be traded later.

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