Please Help My Last Pick Team

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Please Help My Last Pick Team

I am in a 12 man h2h league. I had the last pick so here is my team.

Stephen Curry- Eric Gordon- Raymond Felton- John Salmon-Jeff Teague-JR Smith-Demar Derozon

Andre Blatche-Amare-Kevin Love-Joakim Noah-Andre Bynum-Dejuan Blair

I was away when the auto draft drafted Bynum. I have some questions and I see some weakness in my lineup, so was wondering if anyone can give me any pointers.

1. Should I keep Bynum(injury) or drop him and add someone like J Oneal who is still on the board?

2. Is Jeff Teague going to produce even if he starts?

3. What will happen to JR now that Aaron Affalo is lighting it up?

4. Is Derozon and Blair worth keeping?

5. I'm desperate for assists. Should I trade Blatche for Holiday, and drop Teague for a bigman?

any suggestions will be appreciated.

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