Playoff Team Needs 15-30

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Playoff Team Needs 15-30

Team needs for 1st Round

Detroit- C, SG (back up Rip). Rasheed may be leaving, even so if he stays they should really move him back down to the PF and get a big guy at C. Mullens would be perfect with this pick

Philadelphia- SG, SF (whichever pos. Iguodala doesn't want to play)

Chicago- C, PG (if they decide to trade away Hinrich this summer). Draft the big with this pick.

Minnesota- PG, C, F (PG should be taken during the 6th pick). Draft the big with this pick, assuming that they drafted a PG with their first pick of the 1st round.

Atlanta- PG, C (Back Horford). Need a reliable back-up for Bibby. Get another body behind Horford.

Utah- SG, Pretty solid team, could use an athletic guard/wing

Dallas- PG, SG, C ( A whole lot of unrestricted free agents on the roster are to hit the Dallas Mavericks.)

New Orleans- SG, PG (back up CP3). Could use an athletic guard/wing at the 2 spot.

OK City- SG, PF, C (SG is biggest need but the chance they win the lottery they will take Griffin with the number 1 pick and fulfill the PF weakness).

Portland- Not too many holes in this young team but could use another SG to back Roy

Sacramento- PG, C (If they win the lottery they will take Griffin and still need to draft PG or Center. If they don't win they should draft Jennings with the PG weakness, and draft a C with this pick.)

Chicago- C, PG (Assuming that they draft a C with the previous pick, they should draft a PG to back Rose and/or fill the need if they trade Hinrich.)

Memphis- PF, C Again young team with a lot of talent at each position. Draft a second big or the best player available, usually a young athletic guard with this pick.

Minnesota- PG, C, F, With this pick, Minnesota's 3rd of the 1st round either trade for a Vet. or draft the best player available.

LA Lakers- C, PG. With Derek Fisher getting up there in age, look to draft a young PG to back up Farmar. Or draft a solid reliable big man for issues with the health of Bynum down the road.

Cleveland- SG, C, Big Z is doing great but they need to get another big guy to stop relying on Varejao to play C. Also with Wally likely leaving they should draft a shooter at the 2 position.

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I have to disagree with Chicago (2nd pick) and Portland

Chicago needs a big with that first pick but the second one will not be a backup i think...I think the go scoring SG, meaning someone who can knock down shots and create for himself. Gordon can't really play the 2 anymore plus he wants out so i don't see him being around much longer.

Portland I see them Maybe going SF instead of a backup for Roy. batum is coming on alright but idk i really did see flashes of a good starter....Bayless has to be a bust in their eyes...i mean he was a lottery pick and is still playing 0 mins and behind Sergio and Blake. So i could see them maybe taking a PG and Hanging Bayless for trade bait.

can't really complain about the other picks..

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I agree with the Chicago

I agree with the Chicago picks actaully. Go with Mullens 1st and then go after either Sam Young or DaJuan Summers to back up Deng with the 2nd 1st rounder. 1 thing that this draft has is PG's. I believe Chicago has the Knicks 2nd rounder this year from the Eddy Curry trade, so with that pick... im drafting Kirk Hinrichs replacement...Marcus Thornton or Nick Calathes. Bulls need to trade Hinrich and re-sign Ben Gordon with Hinrichs money.

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