Playoff Officiating

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Playoff Officiating

How do people feel about the officiating this playoffs?

Personally, I feel the officiating has been inconsistent and downright terrible. Now, I am going to use some examples.

Chicago vs Boston- Rondo throws Hinrich into the stands on a rebound. and on another play he smacks brad miller, draws blood(which would need stitches), and gets nothing. But in Miami v Atlanta DWade gets a flagrant because the ATL guy landed hard. DWade went for all ball.

LA vs Houston- Ron Artest gets thrown out for anything now. the refs don't want to give Sir Kobe a technical, so Ron does what any man would do. He tells Kobe watch your elbows or you might get one of mine. So what happens, Artest is ejected.

My point is the officiating has lacked consistency and it is frustrating. The NBA needs to fix this problem. They need to have rules in place and follow them no matter the time, date, or location of a infraction.

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