players i can see franchises draft

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players i can see franchises draft

With the draft coming in about 40 days here are some players that i can see franchises drafting and i will start with the Suns drafting Johnny Flynn and replacing Steve Nash in the near future. For all the people who says that Tyler Hansbourough should not get drafted in lottery i disagree with that and will say that the Bobcats will use there pick on the N.Carolina factors is two much to look over. Look for Golden State to draft Demar Deroan of Brandon Jennings. Detriot will draft Dejuan Blair

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1st off- i agree Flynn is the best replacement for Nash. I think they will give him alot of run with the 1st team ( they will trade Nash to get some value for him mid-season)

No chance in hell Hansbrough go into the lottery....They will take Ellington.

Agree with Golden State

I dont think Detriot goes Blair...I think they need to take a PG.

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I see Thabeet in a OKC uniform next season. Makes too much sense given their draft position, needs, and draft history.

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Is this...

Are you serious? A lotto pick, HELL NO!!! That's not even remotely possible. I'm sure many teams are drooling over his height, wingspan, athleticism, post moves, face up game, lateral quickness, & his ability to turn "IT" on at any time. haha

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James Johnson should be a

James Johnson should be a starting player this season, and a future franchise player

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James Johnson has all the

James Johnson has all the tools to be an incredible basketball player, he just needs to put it all together. He could be a very good player, or end up like Reyshawn Terry IMHO. His potential is limitless.

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No chance

Not even Jordan is bad enough to use a lottery pick on Hansbrough.

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not gonna happen after

not gonna happen after Morrison who I would have thought to be better than Hansbrough was such a bust.

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