players age

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players age

How can people in the business Just keep on ignoring the fact that a lot of the so called higher rank players (SCHRP) in high school are at least a year or too older than the other kids in their class. It should be expect these so called high school players are better because their older, physically more mature, and have the experience over the other kids in their class. So all of you so called experts, coaches, writers, and so called fans need to stop publishing or hyping that these kids are great high school basket ball players when they should have graduated from high school at least a year earlier. For example the OJ May, Bill Walker, John Walls, Xavier Henry, and much more other so called great high players are but a few.

The other thing is that most of these SCHRP have a dollar sign attached to them or vested money in them making it to the NBA. As a result of this they are given professional training, held back to gain an advantage over younger kids, and develop. Then get marketed as high school phenoms by way of ranking web sites (Rivals, Scout, USA today, ESPN, etc), AAU tournaments, and specialty camps through shoe companies like Nike, Reebok, and addidas.

At these camps SCHRP get put in good positions to succeed for instance, they are placed with other teammates from high school or AAU this gives them a level of comfort and chemistry which the other campers do not get and have to be able to adjust. In addition to this SCHRP get to play their position that they normally play where as the other campers get shifted if they play the same position on the same team when teams are selected. This is a major adjustment to other campers because if you normally play a guard position for your team and have to play a post position for the first time you are not going to be able to perform up to your ability for the most part and you will get frustrated.

The unique think about the marketing is that these SCHRP can get out performed by other campers for the most part but they never get any negative publicity. For example, they still make the all star team over other campers that out performed them. This also happens at AAU tournaments where they make all tournament team when they have been out performed by their teammate or other players on different teams. I call this type of marketing as fast track and misinformation, which means these are known player, in the public eye, and always play better then there competition.

Lastly it is not only the shoe companies that has a vested interest in these players so do not get confused!!! It is AAU organization, coaches, handlers, and parents, etc. It can be anyone trying to make a buck of these SCHRP and other kids with pro potential so for the most part the playing field will be tilted towards these SCHRP and others like them. While other good high school basketball player do not get a chance to get recognize until they go to college and do their thing!!!!!!!

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it happens

It happens people get held back for different reason maybe you missed a lot of school, or was not ready to go to the next grade.whatever it may be almost everyone messes up in life you just must correct itI took note of that too. I am an 11th grader. I a honor roll kid in middle school but once i got to high school i started cutting class and stuff now I am two years behind.I play ball and i have colleges looking at me. no one cares how old you are they just care can you play and will you finish high school

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