Player Heights??

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Player Heights??

Ok i'm a little confused and frustrated. The draft combine results had some players gaining only 0.75 inches with shoes, such as James Johnson(6'7"=>6'7.75"), while others such as Blake Griffin(6'8.5"=>6'10") gained 1.5 inches!!! Do some players have thick ass feet or is it just selective favoritism. Either way i do think height is overrated because i am a ferm believer in skill and fundamentals, but these measurement results have me a little confused, can anyone out there bless me with some of their knowlege on this subject.'s picture
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Yer its both favoritism and

Yer its both favoritism and thicker shoes they have been doing it for years, for example Carmelo Anthony is 6'6.5 and the nba lists him as 6'8, Charles Barkley 6'4.7 listed at 6'6. so its just the way it is i guess.

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Yea, it's a supid system

Yea, it's a supid system that they list their heights with shoes. But given that that's the way it's always been, IMO they should at least use a theoretical standard "shoe" (like say add 1.25 inches to their barefoot height). It's so easy to cheat the current system. I'm surprised no player has made a complete mockery of the system by showing up with 6 inch platform sneakers and then insisting that the NBA use that as their listed height.

Even stranger to me is that even though they all must know that they will be listed in their "with shoes" height, and perception of height is obviously important to their career, some players show up for the measurements with way less than average height sneakers. Part of me wants to admire James Johnson, but mostly I think he's really dumb.

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i've been complaining about this for a long time on this site but no one has seemed to agree with me on it. i'm glad yall do...

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Could it just be the brand

Could it just be the brand of shoes? Because I was watchin some of the combine and noticed that one of the guards had on some flat bottom shoes which would not give him but like 1/2 an inch and a couple of the big men had on shocks that would give him like 1 inch or 1 1/2 inches.

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Lol I agree

Lol I agree

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