PJ Hairston

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PJ Hairston

I think everybody knows the story with PJ Hairston by now. Caught speeding in May, pulled over for a DUI in June and police found marijuana and a gun in his car. He was also driving a car that he borrowed from a convicted felon. On Sunday, he was caught doing 93 in a 65 zone. Roy had no choice but to suspend PJ indefinitely. It's very sad because PJ just doesn't get it. I was excited that he came back for his junior year and I thought he could be one of the top guards in the country. What are the chances PJ plays another game for the Tar Heels?

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He's a very

He's a very talented scorer and even showed some versatility by playing down low in the small lineup that Roy Williams deployed towards the end of the year. As you were, I was very excited to see him come back to UNC, but now it seems like a waste. Not sure how UNC will handle this. Could really use his scoring and shooting, but they will NOT want that stigma. Glen Rice Jr version 2?

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Actually the gun was found outside on the ground near the car and forensics came back negative on it , it was a random check point not him being pulled over , and he wasn't drinking. My only issue with many people talking about this is they should get their facts straight if they are going to give opinions on this. However Hairston has gone full retard and needs to really do something to try and salvage any opportunity of playing at UNC again in the next few weeks. I personally don't think you will see him on the court before Christmas if at all and he will have to bust his ass big time to get any run after that.

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