Pistons pickup

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Pistons pickup

Joe dumars said he wanted to pickup a late first to get toney Douglas. Wat do u think about that? He's a great player, I think the most underated in the draft but i'm not sure the pistons need him

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The Pistons could use him

The Pistons could use him but I don't think there is a need to trade up to get him. I think Douglas will be a 2nd round pick so why doesn't Detroit just take him with their second round pick? Personally I think Douglas is good but he doesn't have a position. He isn't a true PG and he is short for a SG. That being said I think Douglas & Stuckey could work well playing along side each other. I just wouldn't do anything stupid and trade up just to get Douglas.

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dummars probably sees allot of himself in dougles. I have compared toney douglas to joe dummars a couple of different times now.

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i dont really think they

i dont really think they need him. stuckey and bynum are already very similar. taking douglas would just be more of the same.

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