Piston's Future

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Piston's Future

I know there is a giant thread on the signing of Josh Smith. But I wanted to bring attention to what the Michigan sports radio(local cbs sports,107.3, and wzzm area) is discussing right now.

Most people calling in are saying they expected a bigger jump in the development of Monroe. Saying the kid will be a complete and solid player for 12 years but not someone you can form a team around.

Many are saying this sets up the move Dumars had in mind to trade Monroe with the signing of Josh Smith. Couple callers asking for Rondo, LaMarcus and more. These people are fearing Monroe is going to demand top money soon and Dumars is afraid to throw money at someone who wont be a franchise player.

Personally, I think this has to set up a trade for a high profile person. Although I think a line up of Drummond, Smith, and whatever person isnt going to be that attractive but I have the feeling that is the general plan.

This is such a sad day for the development of the Drummond/Monroe frontcourt.

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Could have just posted this

Could have just posted this on the "Josh Smith signs with Detroit" thread but oh well..

There has to be more to this. There's going to be a trade for Rondo or a trade for Luol Deng. I'm hoping the latter. If you trade for Rondo and Wallace, the Pistons would have zero shooting and zero spacing. If you trade for Deng, you suddenly have KCP/Deng/Knight that can all shoot the ball. Not to mention, Deng and Smith can play some point-forward, which will help Knight from doing all of the play-making 100% of the time.

I'm sure Dumars will be on the phone with the Celtics and the Bulls though

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I will give the Pistons Tyler

I will give the Pistons Tyler Zeller/Varejao, CJ Miles, and a top 8 protected pick(2nd round if protected) for Monroe and a eat a contract.

Too little?

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Pistons do not need to dump salary

The Pistons salary cap situation is good and getting better... they have like $16m coming off the books next year. What they lack is talent on the wing... any team looking to take Monroe from them is going to have to offer a lot bc he is still on his rookie deal... frankly, I don't think Monroe could be dealt without him demanding a trade. That said, the development of the team will suffer if Monroe cant develop a jump shot so he can play more at PF.

As to the Smith signing, this is a great move for the pistons. Believe it or not, Villanueva and Jason Maxiell played almost 70% of the minutes at PF last year. Having Smith take up that time is an instant improvement, even if you think he is undisciplined on offense. Additionally, Smith can play some small forward, so that will allow the team to try Monroe at PF more. The real question for the pistons is can Brandon Kinght become a pro PG or is he OJ Mayo 2.0?

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I doubt their gonna trade monroe

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Pistons trading Drummand, not

Pistons trading Drummand, not Monroe... Monroe is a sure thing, Drummand is still a project...

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It would makes sense for

It would makes sense for Detroit to move him (even though I prefer him over anyone else on their team). Like you said, Detroit isn't willing to spend big money on Monroe now, so if they don't move him this season, Monroe will be a RFA in the off-season. I'm sure there will be at least one team that will throw big money at him, so that Detroit is unwilling to match.

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