Pierre Jackson needs more Love

PJ is playing out of his mind right now.Today he posted 31 on Boston College which is not a bad team this year either.He may have to take over quite a bit this year and I think he can do it. He is also passing the ball well and defending well.The man needs some consideration for late first round to me.He is shooting the pill at a good clip,defending,passing,getting to the lane at ease and we all know about his strength,hops and speed.Also he is just 21 years old while alot of seniors are 23 and 24 in todays college game.Yes he is undersized but he brings so much to the table.

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Agreed with

Agreed with everything...

...except "...while a lot of seniors are 23 and 24 in today's college game..."

Yeah, at BYU, maybe.

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he is rite they are old M.C.W

he is rite they are old M.C.W is 21 just coming out of high school last year and the person i play ball like lebryan nash is 20 going on 21 before the

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Yeah he's been very

Yeah he's been very impressive thus far. Seems like he wants to run away with the Big 12 POY award early. His stats have been amazing : 23.3 ppg 8.7 apg 2.3 spg 58% FG 45% 3pt 81% FT

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I see him having a Nate

I see him having a Nate Robinson type of impact at the next level; he's a very good change of pace guard to come off the bench. I wasn't a fan of him at first and thought he was a fringe second round pick, but now I love this guy

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So far this year,he's taking

So far this year,he's taking better shots,playing more under control and being more of a playmaker..Last season it seemed like he was playing to the crowd and doing alot of showboating....There were times last year when he didnt look to get the ball inside to the big men....

Becuz of his lack of size,which will cause him problems on the defensive end at the next level...And the number of quality centers that might be available in next year's draft....I dont see him going in the 1st round at all....He should get looks in the 2nd round...He reminds me of former UTEP guard Randy Culpepper.....

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This baylor team is really

This baylor team is really good this year,they got that college scoring pg,a deadly shooter, an athletic power big ,and a 7foot skilled big man that can block shots and score any where on the court

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He is much better than Randy.

He is much better than Randy. The only thing they have in common is the athleticism.

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Spencer Dinwiddie locked him

Spencer Dinwiddie locked him up today.

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As weak as this draft will be

As weak as this draft will be on paper he has a very good shot at going in the first round

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