Pierre Jackson

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Pierre Jackson

I have always been a fan of his game ever since he started playing at Baylor, unfortunately his game hasn't really caught on in the NBA yet despite great showings in the D-League. He is currently on Philly's summer league roster however I am not sure if he is under contract with them. What team do you think would best suit Pierre and help him become a stable player in the NBA whilst helping his team?

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They traded for him on draft

They traded for him on draft day and Philly is probably his best chance as they have a young roster and are going to be giving all their second round picks extended looks this year as Saric and Embiid won't be playing.

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Looks like he tore his

Looks like he tore his Achilles Tendon.

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Tough break. I've been a fan

Tough break. I've been a fan of this kid for a while and was thrilled that my Sixers got him, thinking he was going to be an exciting player to watch in a lost year. Really hoping it's an ankle of anything else. This year's Sixer team is the perfect chance for him to earn a spot in the league

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