philly got talent just need 2 b looked at

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philly got talent just need 2 b looked at

Ok this has gone too far like i know there's been players come out of Philly but it should be way more like really. We dont get look at as much as other cities in such we have lots of talent here like this guy from a junior from John Batram high school Tyrone Garland the boy is amazing like he can shoot he gets to the line at will i see some Johnny Flyyn in him. Another guy out of Imotep Charter School a senior Sam Prescott plays like Demar Derozan loves to dunk on people. Another one Jesse Morgan all around player should be goin to a big name school but is goin DIV 2 I know we have Dionte Christmas but he should be higher on the mock draft and Stefon Jackson a local kid who went the right way and didnt like the street get to him but all im saving just look at some philly kids sometimes.....BEST OF LUCK TO MALIK WAYNS



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Philly has talent, but not Tyrone Garland. He is not quick enough, and it looked like he was playing in slow motion. He was just not quick enough. He had shot, but if he does not have that quickness or understanding of the game people can play him to tight to get a shot off
Travis Robison, Devin Coleman, Joe Johnson, Amile jefferson and Savon goodman are all better than those kids.

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I went to school with Maalik

I went to school with Maalik Wayns. Graduated a year before him. His development as a player and person between his freshman to his sophomore year was incredible, then he transformed his game again between his sophomore and junior seasons, putting himself on the map for the McDonald's All-American game, the Elite 24 game, and Team USA. Kid is a great game manager with a great feel for the position. He can pass, he can defend, he can score. I would have liked to seen him take more vocal charge of his team at times and his Senior year he was on cruise control (though he was the player of the year in the city's Catholic league once again.) An underrated athletic talent, he could throw down when he was 5'11 215-220 his freshman year, now he's roughly 6'1 190 and is capable of highlight reel dunks. I expect him to get his chance a year or two down the road at Villanova, backing up Corey Fisher initially, but eventually have a chance at the NBA if he keeps his head on straight.

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