Philadelphia's Offseason

So I didn't have a chance to see much of the 76ers this last season. They have a lot of things happening this off season and I could use some help figuring out what they are thinking for the future.

First off they win the #2 pick and then hire Doug Collins as head coach so I'm guessing Philly fans are happy with how the offseason has kicked off. There is still a long way to go so here are my questions:

1. Who will be the starting PG next year? (I'm assuming that Washington will draft John Wall #1.) Will it be Jrue Holiday, Lou Williams, or should they trade for someone better like Tony Parker for example?

2. Should they keep the #2 pick or trade it away?
a) Should they trade it away in order to get rid of Elton Brand and his bad contract?
b) Should they draft Evan Turner #2 or should they trade it to Minnesota for the #4 and #16 picks?
c) Is there someone other than Evan Turner the 76ers should draft?

3. Who do Philly fans want to get rid of? I have heard a lot of talk over the past couple years of trying to trade away Samuel Dalembert and Andre Iguodala. Do Philly fans really want these guys gone and what trade value is expected in return?

4. Thaddeus Young didn't get to start as much this season and his numbers dipped because of it. Do fans want to trade him away or should he move back into the starting lineup? If he were to start again should he play the SF or PF?

5. Should Andre Iguodala play SG or SF?

6. Could Jrue Holiday start at SG next season and would he be effective?

7. Can Marreese Speights start effectively at center next year?

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speights dropped 30 on howard

speights dropped 30 on howard the dfp of the year not to many players can say they did that

andre was a sf out of need played sg and became good at sg but now moving back to sf he will be even better

we keep young and draft evan we have a nice core

im not sure who could start lou had his moments last season taking avantage of the princton like gilbert but jru is getting very good ...out of high school he was compared to wade he is a keeper

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