Phil Jackson / Lakers

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Phil Jackson / Lakers

yes he is a zen master, yes he has 9 rings... but he has been making some BIG mistakes in terms of his rotation in this series.

-Farmer needs to play ever minute that aaron brooks is on the floor
-Fisher/Shannon Brown will go against Lowry

-Put 4 guys out there that are willing to play as hard as Kobe (Defense and Reb)...this includes DJ Mbenga, Josh Powell...anyone that is willing to play hard!!!! and that will win the series ... i promise

i'm not saying that i'm a better coach but i will say if Phil makes those 2 adjustments... they'll win.

i was suspect about phil rotation last year in the finals when he took out Trevor Ariza (who scored 15 pts on top of shutting down paul pierce) in game 5 to blow a 20 pt lead. He said he was worried about trevor's offense, but why do you need more offense when you have a 20pt lead and one of the most prolific scorer's in the history of the game!?!?!?!?!?

as for the lakers... please you have 2 7 footer's (3 if you include odom) Get the Ball Inside!!! is it that hard?????

Yes i am a laker fan... but i am really fed up with this prima donna crap they are pulling. I will get houston this much... they are hard working guys and i really admire that. Not one player on that team is good... i think talent wise, the lakers bench are a better team.

man i miss guys like Foxx, Shaq, Brian Shaw, Horace Grant, Horry atleast those guys always played hard

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even with those 2

even with those 2 adjustments they would have problems..though i agree farmer should be out there ahead of fisher..the fact is the bigs just are tough and ou cant take gasol out because hes a very good player but he is soooooo soft..odom the same thing he is also soft..its sickens me to see both players stand there with there hands straight up as players 3 inches shorter then them take it right to there a$$...its just a simple fact that the lakers are the most talented team but also the softest team int he pains me to say it because im a big laker fan but facts are fact they need a tough talented big..bynum has seemed to regressed to his first year and i cant even blame his injury anymore because he cant even seem to catch the ball with out fumbling it and its so easy to hit the ball out of his hand....just watching todays game , and it was pointed out at half time, the lakers (odom, gasol, and even a couple times kobe) are letting the rockets shot wide open shots..odom and gasol dont even close out they just look at the shooters raise there hand half way then turn to box out air instead of finding a body so thats 2 mistakes right there and if the rockets miss they crash the boards

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