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I think Peyton Siva has very good upside, not all star on anything but at least solid starter! His speed is out of this world and under rick pitino he's learning to control that speed, and that should be a major asset in a wide open NBA, he can penetrate and dish (kick out) as well as anyone he's solid on defense (he still fouls a lot though) and has the heart and clutch gene not many players have. If he improves his shooting i think he can be a first round pick easy! what do you guys think?

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Athletic, yes. Competitor,

Athletic, yes. Competitor, yes. Leader, yes. That's all I'm going to Siva, though. I like watching him at the college level, but I don't think his game will translate to the NBA. He's undersized at 5-11 180 so his effectiveness on defense is going to be limited by that at the NBA, he doesn't have range on his jumper, and he's turnover prone because often times when I watch him he penetrates too far and when he tries to kick it ends up being intercepted by the defense or an inaccurate pass because it's being contested by a much larger player. Possible 2nd rounder because of the things I mentioned at the beginning, but I don't see how he could be a 1st round pick.

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He has heart but I just don't

He has heart but I just don't think he is quite skilled enough as a shooter to make it as a successful NBA player.

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Man, I like Siva a lot too..

Man, I like Siva a lot too.. I'm not going to compare him to anyone or say how great he'd be in the League, but I really hope he gets there. Like you, I think he'd be more effective in the NBA than he is in college.

He still has a lot to prove, but the upside is definitely there even though he isn't super young.

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Dont see him as a starter,

Dont see him as a starter, too many holes in his game. He can make a living in the league though as a backup.

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I honestly have never seen

I honestly have never seen what the fuss is about him, he's quick and fast, but that's about all i've seen.

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I think he's a

I think he's a late first round at best. But he would have to have a breakout senior year and improve vastly on his shooting and decision making. H may never be a geat defender due to his height but he can be a persistent defender like Nate Robinson if he works on it. But if h doesn't improve much, then he's a late 2nd rounder

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Will struggle in the L

Unless huge improvement happens in all areas he wont be drafted.

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He'll be in the D-League or

He'll be in the D-League or Europe for at least two seasons...undersized and doesn't have a niche.

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Siva is smart as he's getting

Siva is smart as he's getting his college degree 1st as the NBA isn't a given yet Siva has the talent to be in the NBA as a rotation player no doubt especially if Courtney Fortson is getting called up the need for quality pgs that know how to play the game is dire to say the least.

Siva will get drafted in 2013 and have a healthy NBA career whether as a starter or backup he will get paid to play in my mind.

Btw- Seattle kids are raised with heart so don't let his size fool ya- Peyton will school ya!

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