Peyton Hillis?

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Peyton Hillis?

Won the Madden Cover Challenge! I mean, wow. I was going to post this earlier, as I felt like this must have been a nightmare for EA, but I am just, well, surprised. He beat out Michael Vick, who has already graced a Madden cover, but we know that a number of folks would not be happy if he had done anything for himself (I am not into that group, but I know he is not beloved by all). Still, Peyton Hillis?

Cleveland must have gone hog wild in this thing. He beat out Matt Ryan and most of all Aaron freaking Rodgers, who if EA had its choice, would probably be on that cover. Michael Vick beat Adrian Peterson to get to the finals, and I figured he was a lock. I think Hillis is rad, he was great for my brothers fantasy team and an awesome story as being the FB that took on full time HB duties, but I am surprised that he achieved this amount of buzz.

Good for him, I am sure he thinks it is cool, and I am sure people will buy Madden who usually do, but it will be interesting seeing a player grace the cover who is not your typical superstar. Still, will be interesting to see if they do it again. As always, you hope that no one befalls to the Madden cover curse, and I am wishing Peyton the best of luck, he had a fantastic season leading to this pretty cool accomplishment. This obviously was a popularity contest, and it is nice to win those once in a while :)

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