Perplexing Luke Babbit

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I swear Cyclo, either you ARE

I swear Cyclo, either you ARE Luke Babbitt. Or he had sex with you at some point in time.

If you think Luke Babbitt is the pure athlete Al-Farouq Aminu is you will be sadly mistaken when that athleticism plays out in an actual game. That's all I can tell you. No way you can possibly say these things you actually watch Babbitt and Aminu play instead of just pulling up stats. Anybody can do that. I seriously question if you have even watched Babbitt play.

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Either that, or Aminu dumped him.

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"Another website mentioned

"Another website mentioned that no SF in this year's draft spent more time going one-on-one than Babbitt. He's not a catch and shoot player or a player who comes off screens. He creates his own shot off the dribble and did so better than any SF in this year's draft.

That's the mark of one hell of an athlete."

Against who? I hate to sound repetitive, but I do not feel the level of competition is focused on nearly enough. Not only at this site, but really everywhere the draft is covered. I watched Babbitt a few times this year and remember the last game against Rhode Island most vividly. I would love to sit down and watch tape of that game or the UNC game with anyone who says he is going to create off the dribble in the NBA and let them analyze it with me. Take a look at NBA small forwards who successfully make livings off the dribble and then watch Babbitt. The best situation this guy can hope for is a spot like Miami where he will keep defense from doubling Wade and the two max players to be named later. Maybe in that instance, he'll be able to get to the hoop a bit when the guy guarding him overplays the shot. Peja was able to his prime. On a team that runs iso sets for him, bad things are going to happen.

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