Payne effort vs Wisconsin

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Payne effort vs Wisconsin

Absolute gutsy play by Payne. He went up strong coming from the wing for the flush, misses it and takes a nasty fall which looked terrible and painful. He flooped on the floor. Most players would have stayed on the floor, however, a couple seconds later the ball came down in his area, and he bounced back up, he jumped up and dove for the ball in desparation calling a timeout and keeping a possession for Michigan St.

Did anyone see?

This is the type of stuff I love seeing in games and in players. This lead me to think about great types of desperation and great plays like this you have seen in basketball. Mine was Pierce when he had to be carried off and was in a wheelchair, but came back to take over in the playoffs. Hahahahaha I joke of course. But seriously, what are yours?

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