Don't sleep on Payne for Michigan state to be a steal in the draft. A lot of people don't even have him getting drafted. But I like his potential... The guy has had 5 double doubles in his last 10 game. His midrange game has got a lot better over the years and you know that he's going to play hard.

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Upside: a prime Jamaal

Upside: a prime Jamaal Magloire on a good night.

Downside: an old, beat up Jamaal Magloire on a bad night.

I am interested to see him going up against Plumlee. A big test for both guys. Both look
like late lotto or mid- first round picks. You can't teach size and both guys are also athletic.

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He wont get a chance against

He wont get a chance against plumlee, Creighton.

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Payne will probably

be guarding the other stretch 4, Kelly, while Nix will get Plumlee.

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How the hell do people come

How the hell do people come up with these comparisons?
Magloire??? He was just a big body with strength and long arms.
Magloire was strictly a C because he lacked the foot speed to check 4's. Payne is a 4, is a much better athlete, with greater mobility and unlike Magloire can stick the open jumper, even out to college three.

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Payne has a lot of potential.

Payne has a lot of potential. He has shown that he is starting to figure out what he needs to do on the court at all times to be successful as a individual and teammate. I think that he should test the waters see what people think about his pro potential and come back for his senior year. I feel that he can have a strong year next year and be a first round draft pick.

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He reminds me of Taj Gibson

He reminds me of Taj Gibson with more range. He can't handle the ball at all and is not a good passer but he will play hard and make some shots. He will be a great big guy to bring off the bench and look for him to go in the 22-30 range.

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taj gibson

I like the Taj Gibson comparison.

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