Paul Harris

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Paul Harris

I heard Paul Harris is having great workouts. They said Utah has a lot of interest in him. He might get drafted at #50 with Utah.

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to me hes the next Dahntay

to me hes the next Dahntay Jones. neither of them have much of a jump shot, but their both decent slashers and finishers and good dunkers. and their both defensive stoppers. i like Harris a little more because hes stronger and a better rebounder.

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Everything Birdman said

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Hubie Brown

Paul Harris is a smaller version of Ron Artest and the poster child for high schooler's going directly to the NBA. Anyway, if he EVER, EVER, EVER, can shoot 20 feet away from the basketball, he'll be an allstar. know the nam.

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Paul Harris actually has

Paul Harris actually has been impressive in previous workouts. His defense is top notch and he has a huge wingspan. I think he will find a spot in the 2nd round. I'm not sure he is the best fit for the Jazz though.

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I think Paul Harris could be a good seventh man for any team he plays for. I don't know about a sixth man he would have to work hard. I don't think he will ever be a starter unless he goes to the Bobcats(bad for him) they always play guys that are supposed to be bench players and but people on the bench who can be starters.

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