Paul George goes off!!!!

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Paul George goes off!!!!

We all have seen the potential. Definitely good to see him go for that 37 I feel like this was the breakout game he needed to takeover the team and be that go-to-guy.

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Don't forget Hibbert's

Don't forget Hibbert's triple-double with 11 blocks ;-)

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star out of freno state

i knew he was gonna be a star after seeing him posterize a guy from st marys

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Finally, hopefully he could

Finally, hopefully he could ride his hot hand into the next couple of games; they really need someone to step up and score with granger out

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I am still a little worried.

I am still a little worried. If he is to be a go-to scorer he has to get to the line more often. Look at KD today, he shot poorly but got 19-20points from the line.
I am liking stephenson more and more with every game.

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I almost sold my tickets to

I almost sold my tickets to this game since Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis weren't playing... I'm happy I ended up going. Paul George caught fire and put on an absolute shooting clinic.

It's about time the Pacers shot well from deep. I mean, they won't shoot 55% every game, but I hope this continues to open up the floor more and just add some spacing.

I'm still not too happy with the Pacers though. A win is a win, but the Hornets were without their two best players and on the second night of a back to back, and the Pacers barely won. Hibbert had a triple double (He was beating Robin Lopez's and Jason Smith's sh*t up at the rim), but his offense is still very garbage. I'm wondering what he did over the off-season because he looks weak in the core. He's having a hard time holding his spot and I swear he falls on the floor ten times per game.

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As long as they realize he is

As long as they realize he is a true SF he should get better< i think he can be a slightly better Rudy Gay.

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Great game by Paul George

Great game by Paul George when I saw that the game had go to OT, I did wonder whether he had played 40 plus mins to get the points but he did it in 34 minutes so that was a legit none OT inflated scoring game. 11 Blocks is a great stat for Big Roy and a big man triple double with blocks is always rare.

The Pacers haven't fired yet this season in a divison which with D-Rose out is perhaps theirs to win. It will be interesting to see what they do when Danny Grainger returns, do they look for a trade to get extra backcourt depth or a younger PF or do they maybe slide Grainger across to PF next season if David West moves on. Or maybe they look to move West and his expiring deal when Grainger returns, West is still a quality big man and a lot of teams would like to have his Bird rights for next season if they could not afford him via FA. Or the third option is, the Pacers play out this year and if West moves on slide Grainger over to PF and allow George to play SF next season.

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I like George

but my only concern is his consistency. He scored only 6 points in a win over one of the worst team in the NBA. He needs to change his mindset and kill for the very first minute. He needs to be the go-to guy for the Pacers if they want to end the season in a good playoff berth.

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I knew guys would over react

I knew guys would over react to George going over for 37. He had a great game no doubt, but he got his 37 points in Anthony Morrow fashion and not like a super athletic dynamic wing player usually would.

27 of his 37 points came from behind the arc which is fine but it's still not a sign that he's getting better at creating his own shot. I am and have been a George fan since before the draft but I'm starting to doubt he'll ever be a go to guy. I also doubt hell ever become better then Rudy Gay.

George has 2 big holes in his game, man to man defense and shooting off the dribble. Before last nights game he was shooting under 40% and doesn't have the creativity or aggressiveness to become a go to scorer. Like Luol Deng George will become a very good player, borderline All Star but is going to need to be a complimentary player to a bigger star.

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I agree with 19134, but I do

I agree with 19134, but I do hope George gets better off the dribble. He loves to shoot and that was a monster game shooting, but hes not as tough a cover as he should be because his ball handling is not very good at all

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