Paul George doin work

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Paul George doin work

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PG had 16 and 17 and hit the game winning shot in the 2nd overtime vs Sacto tonight after having 15 rebounds in the first game this year vs Tor and 7 in the second game vs Char. That puts his average rebounds per game at 13. Now I dont think he can hold that up over a whole season, but its clear he has worked on that aspect of his game. His ball handling has also improved over last year, and he is showing more confidence in his post game. I think that his game has improved from playing with the USA select team this summer, and he will only continue to get better from playing with a good team like the Pacers. What is his ceiling? Can he be a Scottie Pippen-type of player, or is his potential lower than that?

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In all honesty I think he

In all honesty I think he will be a better 3 point shooting Andre Iguodala type player. It is tough to get a read on what he is like as the Pacers offense is disgusting, there is a lot of things that we need to see from him to get a better read on his abilities however I am not sure the smash-mouth of Frank Vogel will allow us to see that.

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