Paul George!

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Paul George!

Paul George has the Perfect Combination of Skill and Athleticism to be An All-Star In the League
What are Yalls Thoughts??

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i think he does... what will

i think he does... what will decide if hes an all star tho will be his attitude, and work ethic, and defensive ability...

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pg gets a lot of love

he either be a stud or a dud ....

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him or lance stephenson need

him or lance stephenson need to go the bulls

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His form looks like it could

His form looks like it could use some toning up. In a clip I was watching, his shot looked different depending on the angle. Sometimes it looked like he was pushing it up at the top of his head. He will become a very very nice player in the league.

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I really

I really wouldn't mind the Clippers taking him at 8. It seems as if he has a bright future.

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paul George

i think it depends on wat team george goes to. i really dont think he is a player that can fit into any system an dbe a star. i think if he gets the rite coach and gets put in a position to be successful he will be a star

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