Pau Trade

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Pau Trade

I'm sure I will get neg for this but I know part of this trade has been in the rumor mill for awhile and wanted to add a interesting twist.
I like the idea of adding Landry because he is a product of D'antoni's system and he has really struggled in Toronto and getting rid of him would free up more min. for Ross. Also if something like this would happen I would assume that Toronto would then try to find someone to take Amir Johnson. Possibly someone like Boston. Where Boston gets Johnson and the raptors get Courtney Lee and Celtics first rounder. Lee would be a good backup to Ross and Boston needs more bigs.

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TO is a no here.

I see this deal working for LA much more than Toronto. I'm a rare Raps fan who really likes Bargnani, but I do concede it may be time for him to move on. If so LA is looking like one of the better fits for him. Assuming Dwight can get somewhat healthy, Bargs can hang out at the three point line all he wants and stretch the floor like Orlando did.

I think Calderon would give Nash a serious run for his starting spot (and maybe that would be a good thing - at least get his minutes down a bit). Not sure they would want Landry Field's contract, and if I'm TO that would be a selling point.

Just don't see the net benefit for the Raptors here. They need a top tier small forward for the future. If they thought they had a shot at the playoffs Pau might make sense, but if they trade Calderon that means that they do not.

Don't see them moving Amir right now. One of the few things that has worked all season. On the flip side, his moderately large contract is now very tradeable due to his solid and consistant play.

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