Pau Gasol Trade Idea

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Pau Gasol Trade Idea

I'm usually not one to post trade ideas but this one could actually make sense for both teams.

The Lakers replace Pau Gasol with Kris Humphries in the starting rotation, which is just fine because Gasol wasn't getting enough touches anyway. But they get a better rebounding big man that is younger and more athletic than Gasol. They also receive Gerald Wallace, a guy that doesn't fit in Brooklyn's half-court offense but would be perfect in the Lakers' Run-N-Gun offense.

The Nets get Pau Gasol, a guy that's perfect for their half-court offense and puts the Nets in "win-now" mode. A change of scenery would also be great for Gasol and he can easily play off of Deron Williams and Joe Johnson since they are both good and willing passers. Brook Lopez is thriving in the half-court offense the Nets have, so why wouldn't Gasol? Not only that but it was clear that Gasol doesn't fit in the Lakers' Run-N-Gun offense. Not only that but the Nets clear up some room for MarShon Brooks to grow as a player.

In short,
Wallace is perfect in a Run-N-Gun offense.
Gasol is perfect in a half-court offense.
They're both playing terribly in their respective offenses, which makes them somewhat expendable.

Lakers rotation:
Howard - Humphries - Sacre
Humphries - Clark - Jamison
Wallace - Artest
Bryant - Meeks
Nash - (Eventually Blake)

Nets rotation:
Lopez - Evans
Gasol - Blatche
Johnson - Ebanks - Stackhouse
Brooks - Bogans
Williams - Watson

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There could be a better trade

In LA, Humphries would be asked to shoot 15-18 footers which is far from his strong suit.

In BK, you basically have two of the same players (one is a better passer) in the frontcourt and you slide Joe Johnson to the 3 spot where he could still be effective, but not long term. You also trade away Wallace, who has been the heart and soul of the Nets, so the team loses inspiration off jump.

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The Lakers need a stretch 4,

The Lakers need a stretch 4, not a guy who only has range from 5-10 feet, your clogging the paint with him and Dwight plus that's poor floor spacing; what does Kris do that the lakers didnt already have in Jordan Hill?

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If this happend Mike would

If this happend Mike would put wallace at the 4 and use him similar to marion back in pheonix

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I have a way better pau gasol

I have a way better pau gasol trade

Detroit solidifies the best post trio in the league with monroe, gasol, and drummond. While getting rid of bad contracts and clearing rotation to develop backcourt players.

LA gets everything they need. Solid players that can shoot and play multiple positions. This gives them way more flexibility in the lineup and a much more solid bench.

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ive got sucked into

ive got sucked into this...mainly because i didnt like any of the ones above!

gasol amd metta world peace to...indiana!!! (yes, i just sent the artist formerly known as ron artest back to indiana...)

in return, west and granger go the other way.

indiana get a strong scorer inside and add an injection of toughness and intensity. lakers get two guys that can nail jump shots and play run and gun...and if it doesnt work, wests contract expires in the summer. sorted.

i like this trade!

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