Pau Gasol out indefinitely

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Pau Gasol out indefinitely

According to reports, Gasol will be out indefinitely to rest his knees. He's been struggling with tendinitis. I don't have an actual article, but I saw it on Marc Stein's twitter.

Thoughts? How will this affect the Lakers? Is a trade coming involving Gasol?

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Wow. He took those big boy

Wow. He took those big boy pants comments to heart lol.

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I saw the same thing on the

I saw the same thing on the ESPN ticker. Even though Pau Gasol is one of if not the most skilled big man in the league, I think with D'Antoni's system, the Lakers are better without Gasol. He just doesn't fit in that scheme. You look at when D'Antoni was with the Suns and Knicks, his system thrives on athletic players that run and shoot. The games I have seen he has Pau Gasol playing away from the paint which is where he is most dominant. I think they will eventually trade him. Maybe to the Hornets for Ryan Anderson? I think it would be good for both teams. Plus Davis could move to the 4 with Gasol at the 5 and could teach the younging some tricks down low as well have veteran leadership and a guy who has won in this league to be a leader and motivator on a young and upcoming team.

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excuse me my friend

it's the pelicans not the hornets

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GASOL WONT BE TRADED UNTIL NEXT YEAR ,When he contract will be expiring. , if he gets traded at all.

#1 with the money he makes, no team will want to pick his salary

#2 no team will give up anything decent for him. He is playing poor for Pau, but he half a Pau is still better than average.

#3 Insurance for Dwight. D12 is coming off injury, also Lakers are going to have to start pulling D12 from the game in the 4th quarter because he is a liability. Pau is one of the few bigs that can be a 4 or a 5. ,> Ideally, he is should switch like KG and Tim Duncan

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Knee or ankle tendinitis as

Knee or ankle tendinitis as well as back injuries are injuries people say they have if they don't want to play (or are filing for disability), their is no way to disprove them.

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Maybe when he gets back

Maybe when he gets back they'll have him coming off the bench...That way he'll get his shots,have the offense run thru him and gave their 2nd unit a much needed boost....Gasol is 1 of the most versatile bigs in the league...What he lacks right now is confidence....

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Just read GM Mitch Kupchuk

Just read GM Mitch Kupchuk said if Gasol doesn't learn to work in D'Antoni's system then he's trade bait.

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Show us

Show us the link then... I'd be very interested to read where Kupchak came out and said this.

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We want Phil!

We want Phil! We want Phil! Pau Gasol can play, I saw it with my own two eyes as Spain played the USA team in the Olympics. Mike D antoni cant fit Pau into his offensive scheme? Then Dantoni needs to go. He just got fired from the Knicks (same issue) Lakers really played it stuuupid not getting Phil.

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I still don't think Pau is

I still don't think Pau is going anywhere until he plays 10 or so games with Nash and has some practices with him too. It this still isn't working in mid January then the rumors might start getting real hot. The problem is the Lakers at their current pace are going to really struggle making the playoffs if they're 16-20 or so.

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