Pau Gasol

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Pau Gasol

His play has improved as of late. He and Dwight have meshed well with both having good performances.
Tonight had 22pt/11rb/4ast/3blk and has averaged 15.4 ppg, 9 rpg, 5.3 apg over the last 7 games. What do you think will happen with him this off season?

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I believe its on how well or bad they do in the playoffs (that's if they get in). I'm sure if its a first round exit they'll be looking to trade pau gasol , maybe to Houston or a team like the t wolves. Now if they can make something out of the rest of this season and show they can be as dominate as most people thought before the season started then its a good chance they'll re-up next season and try to add some quality pieces around their main core (hopefully some athletic players).

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Mike D'Antoni is the coach

Mike D'Antoni is the coach and Gasol will probably be moved. He does not fit Mike's system and right now D'Antoni is doing his best to get wins this season but next season, he should get the players he want to run the system he wants to run.

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personally, i think Gasol is

personally, i think Gasol is a great fit for D'Antoni's system. its just that theyre making him play the wrong role. its actually dwight who i would say that doesnt fit in. Gasol playing center in this system would be better than David Lee did in New York. Dwight on the other hand would not be a better version of Amare in Phoenix cause Stoudamire had more in his offensive repertoire than dwight.

i would look to sign and trade howard honestly, for some young players and picks since he's a much movable asset than Pau Gasol who is being seen as over-paid and having a bad year which translates to smaller trade market value.

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if the Lakers resign Dwight

if the Lakers resign Dwight than I think pau will be traded. if the Lakers can. get picks and/or role players while also not adding any long term salary. pau is still very good and it wouldn't surprise me to see a team with a high draft pick get him. remember pau Is in the last year of his contract next season so teams will take a chance on him being the missing piece.

I could see contending teams and borderline playoff teams making a run at him. if dallas, Houston and Atlanta miss out on Dwight then I can see them all wanting pau and he would be a great fit with all of them. also the wolves have expiring contracts in kirilenko and Herrick Williams and even barrea who would be an upgrade over the Lakers backups. if the Lakers want to trade pau then there will be a lot of interested teams.

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Pau is smart

Kobe is a big winner. If Kobe respect Pau as well, everyone need to respect Pau.
Pau can attak face to rim, he can attack from low post, he cah pass the ball, he can shot mid range shoots all day long...
He is so good offensive player, and he understand basketball and team at so good way...
I wouldn't give Pau as Laker, I would search for one good defensive SF (example: something like Bruce Bowen in SAS champion team) and let team play...

Pau can play great offensive role, and he is not so bad on other side of court...

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