PATTY not 2 B sorely missed

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PATTY not 2 B sorely missed

Though his early departure at St. Mary's (along with Diamon Simpson) may ultimately lead their fans into thinking they may yet again become a lower tier program in the WCC, the Gaels this upcoming season may actually surpass expectations and surprise a lot of people by finish 1st/ 2nd in the ever developing WCC (along with Santa clara/ Gonzaga) and taking that elusive NCAA tournament berth in the process. Why? Enter their 3 Aussie recruits in Jordan Page (highly athletic 6-1 combo guard in the mold of Nate Robinson) Matthew Delavedova (savvy 6-5 combo in the mold of Eric Devendorf) and Mitch Young (6-10 bruiser in the mold of Carl Landry). Also, expect this 3 to be seriously considered as NBA prospects down the road (with Page a 1st round potential, and the latter 2nd round potential).

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Patty mills should have returned. I thought he looked good in the NIT.

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My man say St.Mary's got options! Patty and Diamond aint irreplaceable! 2 monkeys don't stop they show! But I guess we'll see, St.Mary's weren't even on my radar until they made the tourny 2 yrs ago

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