Patrick Patterson

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Patrick Patterson

Congratulations, just scored a career high 27 points today.

He has scored 19,20,10 and 22 in his previous 4 games.

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ya he's looking good eh. Even

ya he's looking good eh. Even has added the three ball to his arsenal this year. I wanted the raps to take him (they took ed davis instead, which hasn't worked out too poorly) and after watching him last night against my team i still think he will be the better pro than ed..

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the rockets have some good

the rockets have some good young talents. Morris is developing pretty nice, as he can play both the 3 or the 4 spot. (pretty cold blooded 3 point shooter) We all know what patterson and parsons can do. now I wish they would give d-mo some playing time...

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Houston has a legit 5 that

Houston has a legit 5 that just needs time to develop. They could stand to add pieces to their bench though

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Also, Terrance Jones has

Also, Terrance Jones has played pretty well when he get's some time, which has been on and off this year so far.

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