Patrick Mills

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Patrick Mills

Is he really that good? Can you tell me more about him?

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He made a real splash for the Australian team in Beijing, and in most draft is considered a first rounder if he comes out this year. He has Tony Parker-type quickness, and his ability to get in the paint and a very natural scorer. He's also an underrated perimeter defender. The main criticisms regarding him is that he still needs to improve his PG skills and that he's undersized. Last year he carried St. Mary's on his back, but they lost to Miami (FL) in the first round of the tournament.

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Patty Mills

I feel that when he does get into the league he'll be the same or a little better than Jameer Nelson. He's good player, and extra year in college would benefit him, but he's NBA-ready right now.

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Nelsons is a decent

Nelsons is a decent comparison, i think hes the better defender, and Nelson the better shooter though.

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