Pacquiao Bradley

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Pacquiao Bradley

Pure controversy. 115-113 Pacman and (2) 113-115 Bradley

Wanna hear you thoughts.

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Shocked! R.I.P to Boxing.


R.I.P to Boxing. Pac-Man should have got the decision regardless and kept that hope of seeing what the people have been asking for! Now Mayweather will go on and rant about being the best and doesn't have to fight Manny now. I'm am APPALLED! (Bill Walton voice)

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Bad Judging - No rematch Though

Everyone saw that Bradley lost the fight.. apparently the match is going to be reviewed WBO. Bob Arum is so pissed that he doesnt even want a rematch; he wants another boring Marquez fight!!

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White, the 16th overall pick

White, the 16th overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, is one such player. He has had his own issues this summer due to bouts with anxiety disorder. In fact, White missed a large chunk of training camp and several preseason games due to his anxiety attacks as a result of flying.

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It is clear that this game is

It is clear that this game is bias in favor of Bradley. So much disappointments and controversy with this match for viewers specially Manny’s fans. Well, I will just buy rios vs alvarado 2 tickets and watch their fight. Hopefully no bias and other technical errors will happen or else I won’t watch boxing again.

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