Pacers vs Knicks

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Pacers vs Knicks

The pacers are destroying the knicks right now. They lead 74-44 at the halftime... and Paul George is again playing a very good game

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Pacers are probably the only threat to the heat in the playoffs, the knick's defense really got worse and worse throughout the season..

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Paul George is really

Paul George is really impressing me.

The Pacers are no doubt the 2nd best team in the East and the only serious threat to Miami.

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Wow, even as a fan of the

Wow, even as a fan of the winning team, it's tough to see a team unravel like this. JR Smith basically quit on the game and got himself ejected.

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As a NYK fan I can tell you that this is hard to watch. They are getting killed right now. Smith got thrown out the game and they are just not playing well. We have the hardest schedule in the league the second half of the season. They have not been playing well to keep it real since like the second part of December. We need to just put this one away and get ready for the Raptors. I am a little worried that we can see more games like this one from the NYK. But still NYK ALL DAY!!!

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if granger comes back? would

if granger comes back? would it hurt there chemistry? stat wise its good to have a 20ppg guy come back, but he must accept that he would be the Second option now

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I think they should trade

I think they should trade him. I was thinking something along the lines of Eric Gordon for Granger. Good for both teams.

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im a huge knicks fan, have

im a huge knicks fan, have been all of my life. and this team in my opinion was doomed right from the start. i cant lie, when they started off great my opinion on them being the real deal was actually pretty high. however after that great start i saw this team slowly but surely going down hill. jason kidd was playing great at the beginning but now he is absolutely terrible. iman shumpert isnt the same, and i know hes coming off a tough injury but it doesnt matter the kid isnt showing me anything, not in 1 game hes been in. carmelo has cooled down BIG time, and his offense again is slowly taking the team down with him. chandler is playing great, as is amare off the bench. but i see this team going nowhere

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