Pacers Possible Free Agent Target

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Pacers Possible Free Agent Target

Pacers seriously need help at the backup positions for the 1, 2 and 3. Green is a bust, Young just isn't good enough for a larger role, OJ is still wet behind the ears and might develop in 2-3 years. My potential free agent target is Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings. We would take 1 player and fill our needs at the 1, 2 and 3. Evans is young, fantastic ball handler, and has the size to play the 3 in a small lineup. Granted he's not a shooter but more of a Lance Stephenson slasher mentality. The kings are in rebuild mode right now. New GM, new coach, possibley trading their best player in DeMarcus Cousins. They are a team without an identity and I think we can steal Evans from under their nose. Here is potential lineups.

SF - George
PF- West
C- Hibbert
SG- Stephenson
PG- Hill

SF- Tony Snell, Tony Mitchell, Tim Hardaway, Andre Roberson (23rd Pick in Draft)
PF- Hansbrough
C- Plumlee
PG- Evans

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Im thinking re-sign West,

Im thinking re-sign West, then look for an improvement at SG. Perhaps OJ Mayo. Another cheaper, but very solid, option would be Marco Belinelli.

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