Pacers @ Heat

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Geez! I have never seen this


I have never seen this much hate on one single thread! Seriously, read it from top to bottom, there are only select posts that are not verbally attacking the Heat individually or as a whole.

Great win for the Pacers, they played very well defensively and gave the Heat all they could handle on that end. Still shocking when you look at the numbers, the fact that the Pacers ONLY won by 3 though. The fact that the Heat shot 6% from downtown, 69% from the charity stripe, and played without Bosh and they only lost by 3 shows great play by LeBron and Wade.

The Pacers need to go to Hibbert a lot more, 6 shots for the biggest player on the court? This game came down to making shots, the Heat missed a ton of open three and the Pacers missed easy jumpers as well, especially in the 2nd quarter. Confidence booster for the Pacers, now that they own home-court, they have the feeling that they can not only hang with the Heat, but beat them. Still think this series goes 6 games, I doubt Miller, Battier, Chalmers, and Jones will miss open three's this often.

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wizard of oz

I agree with you, if it wouldn't been an average player in the league that player wouldn't been called for a flagrant 2 and maybe suspended for a game. That play was actually worse then jason smith because he blinded sided him and he was going full speed at him

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At least he got hit in the

At least he got hit in the head with the ball, I enjoyed that.

BTW is there anyone out there that still thinks this is "Wade's team"?

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Bosh is not an inside scorer

Bosh is not an inside scorer for the most part with Miami, he scores inside on passes. His game is on the perimeter and a few post ups every now and then.

The Heat are in some trouble that 2nd to last play for Wade probably should've been for Lebron to go at the rim.

Both Lebron and Wade were awful from the ft line late and Wade missed his last 4 shots.

The bench and rest of the supporting cast was awful.

Not so easy when your not facing a Knicks team w/out Lin, Shumpert and Amare and Baron Davis for a game.

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Got to love Google!!!

Got to love Google!!!

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