Over looked

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Over looked

I came up 3 second round picks who have had better careers then teammates who were drafted higher than them in the same draft. Carlos Boozer 2nd rd pick 35 overall in 2002 drafted after Jay Williams mike Dunlevey Jr 2009 draft Danny Green46th overall has had a better career so far then all of his UNC teammates besides Ty Lawson. This last one is tough because of Gilbert Areanas 2001 draft 30th overall(28teams) was 10x better then Richard Jefferson but with the whole gun Fiasco and Rj still being in the league. Any other second rd picks who turned out better than teammates drafted in the 1st round.

2001 draft Jefferson 13th Areanas 30th

2002 draftWilliams 2nd
Dunlevey 3rd
Boozer 35

2009Draft Tyler Hansbourgh 13th
Ty Lawson 18th
Wayne Ellington 28th
Danny Green 46th

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Your odd topic seems to

Your odd topic seems to vacillate between current teammates and players who were drafted by the same team, so I'm going to use both as well.

Kyle Korver was drafted after Zoran Planinic by the Nets
Lawson and Ellington were both technically picked after Jonny Flynn by Minnesota
Eric Bledsoe was drafted after Al-Farouq Aminu

I sure there tonnes of examples of this sort of thing happening, but after reading through four different draft histories, I don't want to look anymore.

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No his topic was clearly

No his topic was clearly based on college teammates. UNC with Lawson and Green and Co. U of A with Arenas and Jefferson and Duke with Boozer and Dunleavy. It was pretty evident what he was going for to me.

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@KingoftheOceanCourt +1 just


+1 just for using "vacillate" in a sentence. I don't encounter too many english majors around these parts.

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That motorcycle accident is

That motorcycle accident is what caused Jay Williams career to end..He wouldve been solid,but not spectacular..

Dunleavy had the talent to become a special player,he had it all,there was some talk of him going number 1 if Yao hadnt came over...Dunleavy was a great shooter,had playmaking skills and a high IQ..But he lacked the confidence to become a star....

But i was Shocked when Boozer was still on The Board after the lottery ended.....I honestly thought he'll go to the Clippers...Scouts once again got it wrong,they said he was undersized,too slow,couldnt create his own shot and wasnt athletic enuff.....

Speaking of overlooked guys,Will Clyburn of Iowa State,Ed Daniels of Murray State and Chase Tapley of San Diego State,could be sleepers...

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Thank you

Thank you Sewok I guess I should have been more clear.

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