Otto Porter

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Otto Porter

I was watching some old Andrei Kirilenko Highlights and I think that him and Porter have some similarities. What do you guys think his potential is?

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Yes, he's a jack of all

Yes, he's a jack of all trades small forward who's long and athletic, like AK47 but Porter is a much better shooter at this point of his career than AK was. Porter is easy to peg, he's very similar to Batum AND Prince. Good at many things but not great at anything in particular and could be stellar on the defensive end at the next level. I would say he's a safe pick but Wes Johnson has me thinking otherwise.

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He's much better than Wes Johnson

Wes Johnson was 23 as a rookie while Porter will be 20 if he in all likelihood declares for this draft. Porter has very underrated play making ability and is very disciplined from playing in Georgetown's offense. Johnson on the other hand because of the fact that Syracuse players get so many easy transition buckets because of the 2 3 zone and the fact that Syracuse players are ALWAYS drafted to highly because of the Syracuse media bias.

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He reminds me more of

He reminds me more of Tayshaun Prince, a solid all around glue guy that won't do anything great but does alot of things very good. Solid 7-10 year guy for any team

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Agreed. In a draft with

Agreed. In a draft with limited high end depth, Porter is a great looking 2/3/4 hybrid who would be a super building block for a team.
Prince is the best comparison, and he was an excellent role player for the pistons for a decade. If he falls to the Hornets at 7, as the latest mock has him doing, they would have one of the longest 3/4 combos in the league, as well as another super high I.Q. basketball guy.

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One thing he lacks from

One thing he lacks from Kirilenko and Batum is their elite athleticism, which is a pretty big deal. I wish Porter was just a bit more athletic because he's so skilled and plays a smart game. He lacks burst and quickness and looks pretty stiff when he runs. He's like an average athlete version of Kyle Anderson.

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He may not be as athletic as

He may not be as athletic as AK47 or Batum but I think he has pretty solid strength advantage over those guys at this age. He is very versatile and efficient and will go down as one of the top 5 players in this draft in my opinion.

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Very similar to Tyler

Very similar to Tyler Honeycutt or Corey Brewer

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