Orlando Magic roster spot

Last Night I wrote about how Jason Williams was waived and who the Magic should get. I thought the magic should call up a player from the D-League. Though i think Jarron Collins would fit the bill. Since Gortat was traded Howard does not have a great big man back up therefore since Jarron Collins contract expired with the Clippers I think the Magic should take a strong look at him. He is a veteran and can play some minutes when howard needs the rest. Though he is not a great shooter and does not rebound much he can play decent defense still. Therefore I believe that if the magic go for a big man i would like to see Jarron Collins signed.

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other options

Earl Barron or Steven Hunter or Dwayne Jones wouldnt be a bad pick up either

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By signing former Celtics

By signing former Celtics guard Ray Allen–arguably the greatest 3-point shooter ever–as well as his former SuperSonics teammate Rashard Lewis, the HEAT have given themselves trailers on the fastbreak that are every bit as deadly as James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade are at the rim.

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The Spurs’ demise has been

The Spurs’ demise has been overstated for each of the last five years, but they have not won a championship since 2007, so there has been a drop off. They were close last year, holding a 2-0 lead over the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals. However, the young Thunder stormed back to sweep the next four and keep the Spurs’ championship drought ongoing.

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