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I know this has probably been posted already, but i really like what the Magic have done to re-build...

The Tobias Harris trade is looking like highway robbery...Getting Harkless in the Howard trade was smart, because they were going to lose Howard for nothing anyways (i.e. Lakers)...I like Andrew Nicholson off the bench, and i think the Oladipo pick was smart (although i wouldve went McLemore, it was a safe pick)...

If they get a top 5 pick in this draft, this team will be very scary and have enough pieces to build around, or even package into a trade for a super-star!

Still, they have some work to do, shooting is a weakness, but you can add those role players as you build.

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Marcus Smart or Randle

I think they'd fit in their system perfectly. If they get Parker or Wiggins, Harris/Harkless are expandable.

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Expendable. I think you put

Expendable. I think you put expandable on another thread too, it's a simple difference

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With all of the teams in the

With all of the teams in the East tanking next year, I can seriously see the Magic sneeking into the playoffs. Tobias Harris is for real. Him and Vucevic put up some insane numbers near the end of last season and look like they are bringing in the pieces to get them over the hump. They will be a serious team next season. Also Jaqcue Vaughn is a mastermind on the sidelines. I hope he stays in Orlando. He will be considered one of the better coaches in the league soon.

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I'll be rooting for the Magic

I'll be rooting for the Magic, but will crap my pants if they make the playoffs. Even in the East

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Why can't they make it?

I'm not saying they will, but it looks like their are 3 open spots for the playoffs in the east now that Atlanta and Boston have made big moves. I think Atlanta will make at least one more solid move and they will get in, but the other two spots look like total guesses at this point. I could honestly see Milwaukee, Washington, Toronto, Cleveland, Detroit, and Orlando fighting for those last two spots. A lot depends on how free agency goes along with injuries during the season, but I dont think it is that unlikely that Orlando could make it.

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They could make a move to make it, but they are going to try their hardest to get a top 5 pick and go for Wiggins/Parker/Randle. So while I think they could make the playoffs in this upcoming weak year, it's going to be to their benefit for the long term to go for the draft this year and go from there.

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I'm sorry, but Vaughn is the farthest thing from a mastermind, or at least last year he was. He could be one of the better coaches in the league soon, but I personally wouldn't bet my money on it. Very nice, well-spoken guy though.

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I think they will build

I think they will build around Oladipo, Harris and Vucevic. I can see them ass a mid-late lottery team so maybe picking a PG like Smart or Harrison.

There are a lot of worse team out there. Markless will be a good player, but I see him as a Trevor Ariza type who play great D and can make some spectacular plays from time to time.

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If they could trade

for an above average PG they could make a dent in the playoffs this year. I don't think tanking is an option for them, unless they just choose to play lesser players more minutes. An old team like the Nets would hate to see a young team like them in the first round. They are solid up the middle, but need depth at the 1 and the 5.

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A top 5 pick next year put

A top 5 pick next year put with this young nucleus will be extremely interesting to watch grow together.

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wow, i cant believe i forgot

wow, i cant believe i forgot to include Vucevic!

I love his game...

Damn Nyquil...

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If they can get Marcus Smart

If they can get Marcus Smart next year they will have a tremendous young core going forward, with huge potential.

Marcus Smart \
--------------------> Deadly defense
Victor Oladipo /

Moe Harkless
Tobias Harris
Nik. Vucevic

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No thanks

I really hope the Magic don't pick Smart next year if they are in a position to do so. Too many holes in his game for me

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