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This or That

If you were handed the reigns of the OKC Thunder, and you were able to choose between 2 players at each spot, which of the following would you pick:

PG: Westbrook or Rondo
SG: Sefolosha or Barnes (Matt)
SF: Durant or Melo
PF: Green or Odom
C: Kristic or Dampier

Who would you go with?

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Rondo: Tough, but I'm gonna

Rondo: Tough, but I'm gonna go with Rondo's playoff experience

Sefolosha: I don't like Barnes' attitude/temper

Durant: Melo isn't old, but Durant is the better future piece. Also, his length is ridiculous.

Odom: Much better rebounder, ball handler and passer. Better suited for the 4-spot than Green.

Dampier: Krstic is softer than baby food.

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