Opening Week Christmas games

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Opening Week Christmas games

The Nba released its opening week and Christmas day games.

Some of the notable matchups

October 17: Celtics at Cavaliers , Rockets at Warriors

Others that week: 76ers vs Wizards, Timberwolves vs Spurs, Clippers vs Lakers, Cavaliers vs Bucks, Warriors vs pelicans.

Christmas Day: 76ers vs Knicks, Cavliers vs Warriors, Wizards vs Celtics, Rockets vs Thunder, Timberwolves vs Lakers.

Thoughts on these matchups and some you would of liked to have seen on these major nights?

Like alot of these matchups but some others I would have liked on these big days would be 76ers vs Lakers Opening week 1 vs 2 Fultz vs Ball. Would have liked Rockets at Clippers Cp3's return to La. Really would have liked to have seen Warriors at Thunder on Christmas Durant in Okc but now against Westbrook and PG13, crazy atmosphere. Right now feel burnt out on the Warriors vs Cavs on Christmas as possibly a 4th finals meeting in a row.

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Exciting opening night double

Exciting opening night double header with the projected top two teams in each conference playing each other. Should be a tough test for Boston and Houston while they are trying to integrate Hayward and CP3.

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Same Okc vs Gsw would have

Same Okc vs Gsw would have been 1a. Okc vs H-Town is definitely Up there. Ill keep it.

Seen enough of GS vs Cavs. Probably have to play both of these teams on Christmas day b/c of popularity, but would switch it up.

Gsw vs Spurs. Healthy Kahwi in SA. Nuff said

T wolves vs Cavs- Kevin Love returns to Minn. Andrew Wiggins revenge game with his new look team???

76ers vs Suns- battle of youth

Blazers vs Wizards. Beal/wall vs Lillard and McCollum.. Great Guard play. Battling for bragging rights for the 3rd best back court after GSW and Hi I.

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Lakers vs. Kings Sixers vs.

Lakers vs. Kings
Sixers vs. Suns
Spurs vs. Warriors
Thunder vs. Rockets
Cavs vs. Celtics
Bucks vs. T-Wolves

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Christmas Day competition is

Christmas Day competition is getting worse and worse. Seriously we still got lakers and knicks on Christmas Day?! First off I understand the ratings lonzo ball brings, but the lakers just had the 2nd pick, are the aura really less deserving of them for a spot on that day?

Knicks, porzingas, melo, no direction, and they haven't done anything to make the public think they be in the playoff hunt. I been very critical of the bucks but with their young talent I will take that attraction of youth with more acceptance because it actually comes with winning. The 76ers, look if we are honest with ourselves the previously mentioned bucks and especially the raptors are more deserving. The raptors have definitely been able to provide consistent success in recent years. I know everyone is waiting to see the process play healthy altogether, so I get it and in the east they might actually have a shot at the playoffs, sad but true. Basically, if the nba says we want a young team on Christmas Day, only 1 of those teams should make it in for me and it would be the draw of the young 76ers.

Yea and [email protected] is getting olddd! I also agree a better okc team vs warriors is more exciting. There is also for me the excitement of reliving the lebron vs coach pop battle and maybe the celtics vs warriors.

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