only sensible trade

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only sensible trade

the only trade i can see memphis doing and it paying dividends would be to draft rubio for the kings and making a trade after the kings draft thabeet or hill

rubio for thabeet or hill and garcia

with either trade we get defensive inside presence, and bench depth

i know alot of people dont like thabeet
but u have to take the player that fits the most need
seeing that rubio dont wanna play in our city

and i honestly dont see sac giving up jason thompson

get marc gasol a personal trainer too
i feel he can play the PF if he become more agile but stays around the same weight 270-280

with hill u get a agile big who can bound
and has tremendous upside and he would be better offensively than thabeet off the bat

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i think...

I think it would be better if Hill will be drafted instead of Thabeet, I like Thabeet and I want him to play for Thunders cause in OKC they needed some one to play the middle, and back to Hill I think he would perfectly play well with Gay and Gasol in the front court rather than Thabeet and letting Gasol play 4.

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Yes because Memphis really

Yes because Memphis really "needs" a soft 7-3 Center with NO offensive production to take up bench real estate

Makes sense

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i also think hill would be

i also think hill would be perfect for memphis

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I don't think

Sacramento is willing to give up any players to move up. They 'd trade #4 + #23 or #31 (not both), but not any players. More than likely they will sit at #4 and see who falls to them.

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I like Hill in Memphis as

I like Hill in Memphis as well. not a bad trade

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I don;t get thabeet

Seriously... I know this draft is weak- but I think thabeet is gonna be a huge bust... he's so soft... I don't care if he's 9 feet tall.. he's going to get manhandled by guys like Duncan, Howard, even Ilgauskis would box him out... Also, I think hill will be ok... but he is nowhere near a top 5 pick in any other draft... I have seen him play live... he wasn't that good.

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