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Online Gambling

Does anyone here gamble online? I started last monday night, I have always felt ive had a talent when comes to picking NFL games.

1st Bet- Bears vs eagles last monday.... I knew bears wud win, my friends said i was outta mind but regardless, i ended up winning 90 dollars

2nd bet- Oregon vs Stanford.... I love oregon, i know they can hang up points, ive watched a handful of stanford this year and havent been blown away, they barely beat SC, and im not sold on luck as being the next "peyton" i loaded up on oregon and ended up winning 290

3rd Bet- New England vs Jets..... This game i was absolutely 1000 % on that brady and the boys would win and i was right.... I walked away with 250 last night

4th Bet- Packers vs Vikings, spread was packers -14..... I was positive on this one as well, i bet 500 on it and walked away with roughly 480ish

5th Bet- Jets vs Broncos, R U KIDDING ME, the spread was Jets -5 on my site and i bet 500 on it.... within a few hours the spread is now jets -5.5 and im guessing by tmmrw afternoon its going to be -8.... I got my bet in at jets -5.... as my buddy said like tht spread i got in at jets -5 is about as sure a bet in all of sports... no way tebow will do a damn thing against that defense.

My point of this topic is if u guys have an account go quick and load up on the jets on thursday b4 they change the spread

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