Oladipo and Bennett

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Oladipo and Bennett

So Oladipo is a year older than Bennett (for example) yet has 2 more years of college experience. What do scouts think of this?
Who's at an advantage here?

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Win now teams value

Win now teams value experience while rebuilding teams value youth. Oladipo is a great combo of both being 20 yo with 3 yrs experience.

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I doubt it carries much

I doubt it carries much weight. The biggest thing that should matter is that Oladipo has shown the ability to improve a ton. And for all the improvements made, he can still get better at alot of things, which is promising actually. He has a good amount of untapped potential but has also shown the willingness and work ethic and capacity to get closer to it.

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Shabaz is the same age as

Shabazz is the same age as Oladipo

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Lance Stephenson's play may

Lance Stephenson's play may be making Oladipo a lot of money. 6'4" 6'5" guards with length and energy can be the difference in winning in the playoffs.

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good question, idk who gave

good question, idk who gave thumbs down for that..

i feel like the experience and age thing would play into effect a lot more in football.

im sure scouts still consider age when scouting, but as far as college experience, i think they measure how much a player grows his game in a single year. both olidipo and bennet were able to get a LOT better from playing against better competition. i just think scouts might be a little more at ease with olidipo's game because of a larger college game sample size.

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All about potential

I think scouts primarily look at what you COULD be, and not what you currently are. I don't think it is a big deal that Oladipo has 3 seasons of work, while Bennett has only 1. Teams are going to look at Oladipo and project how they see his skills fitting in their needs at the 2 and the 3. Teams are going to look at Bennett and project how he fits their team as a 4. They have enough film of Bennett to pretty well know his game.

The fact that one has 3 years of college, and the other 1, doesn't play that big of a part in the discussion.

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I swear I don't think age

I swear I don't think age matters much as they try to make it seem, if you can play, you can play.

Wesley Johnson was 23, entering the draft, and as much as they said his older age was a red flag he still went #4.

OJ Mayo was super old in HS and 2 years older than most in his draft class still went #3 in the draft, nobody really cared as he was touted as the next best thing.

Eric Bledsoe was 20 years old(December 1989) coming into UK, that didn't matter as he was a first round pick and he was alot older than ppl in his HS Class(09)

If you can play age won't matter, they may label it as a red flag but it won't really affect you.

It's alot of young guys who come into the NBA with potential and it's never reached

Alot of older guys come into the NBA and don't pan out, as they have already reached their ceiling, double edged sword, but long as you can play it won't matter.

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look at Taj Gibson, being 25

look at Taj Gibson, being 25 y/o didnt matter to the Bulls!

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